5 Common Hardwood Flooring Problems and How to Avoid Them

Hardwood floors are a great investment for your home and one of the hottest flooring materials. However in order to maintain its value through time, homeowners will need to perform routine maintenance and find out more about the causes of damage to hardwood flooring. The following are some of the very common problems that crop up during and after installation.

5 Common Hardwood Flooring Problems and How to Avoid Them

Dents and Dinks

Some dents may appear after setup while the floor is still relatively fresh. This may be caused by a number of things, including the use of cheaper grades of wood. Another common cause of minor dents is inferior workmanship; which is easy to avoid when you get professional Mitcham hardwood flooring contractors such as Floor Sanding Mitcham .

Fluctuating Plank Width

Hardwood floors expand and contract as the seasons change. Normally, the wider the width of the plank that the more pronounced the effects of contraction and expansion will be. As the weather changes, temperature and humidity will fluctuate, resulting in the openings between the floor to broaden and subsequently contract. As you select the sort of plank to install, keep in mind the usual expansion and contraction brought on by changes in weather.

Smears and Smudges

This is a frequent issue especially for homeowners who install solid hardwood flooring using a high gloss finish. The images in house magazine catalogs frequently show floors which are exceptionally polished and glamorous but it requires substantial effort to maintain your flooring looking exactly the same. Much like a brand-new shiny car that requires plenty of polishing and washing to help keep it looking flawless, your flooring also will require a lot of polishing and cleaning to maintain their luster.

Hardwood Oxidation

When exposed to sunlight, hardwood floors undergo a process of oxidation, where exposure causes a darkening of the wood. This doesn’t cause any major problems unless the floor is exposed to intense sunlight, in which case you could move a couch or sofa to find a patch of gently colored area underneath. While this could be unsightly at first, the great news is that the stained region will gradually take on a darker tone to match the remainder of the room.

To prevent uneven darkening or lightening of your hardwood flooring, attempt to minimize the amount of sunlight coming into the room.

Avoid Issues with Hardwood Floor Installation by Calling In the Experts

Are you interested in finding a Mitcham Area hardwood floor installation specialist? Look no further than Floor Sanding Mitcham . Our hardwood flooring experts will guide you on selecting the best material for your floor, and performing simple maintenance which may help prolong the life span of the wood. Feel free to give us a call 020 3369 1505 or email us using our online contact form.

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