Is It Better Replacing Old Wood Floors In Sections Or In One Go?

How you choose to replace old hardwood flooring will depend, to a large extent, depending upon the scale and situation of your project. If you are renovating an old home and planning to replace all of the old hardwood flooring with new, there’s a really strong argument for lifting up the floors one by replacing and one each in one go.

The cause of this is that floors are laid by beginning at either side of a room and functioning towards another. There are a variety of types of setup, such as nail-down, glue-down and floating, but regardless of that you choose, if you are laying a flooring from scratch, the method is going to be the same ie. To work from one side of the room to the other.

Another factor that adds to this”one go” debate is that boards are typically staggered, which makes a”section” approach more difficult to plan and implement efficiently. So, if it is sensible in any way, to remove your old wood floor and replace it in one go, you are more inclined to get a uniform result.

All of that said, it is not always practical to replace old wood flooring in one go. By way of instance, if you’re looking to replace just 1 part of an old hardwood flooring that has been damaged, there’s little sense in taking away the entire floor.

If you only have to replace a part of your old wood flooring, you should plan to work in sections, allowing you to replace just the boards that need to be replaced, in the same time as maintaining the aesthetic allure of this floor. If you’re planning to try it, you will want to match up the board, or boards, together with the older floor.

Either way, when you have purchased your new board, you need to set to work to eliminate the old board. The best way of achieving the ideal outcome is to remove the whole board. Making sure you don’t cut to a sub floor, you need to use a circular saw to eliminate a central part from the board. In order to do this, create two cuts, about a few centimetres apart. Once you’ve completed this, you will have the ability to chisel out this central section, providing you with access to remove the two side segments. When the old board was eliminated, you’ll have space to your new one.

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